das sind Sarah Bosetti, Daniel Hoth, Karsten Lampe, Aidin Halimi, Jan von im Ich und Ingo Starr. Gemeinsam bereisen, belesen und besingen sie Bühnen im gesamten deutschsprachigen Raum. Im Lovelite präsentieren sie jeden Monat ihre neuesten Texte und sehen sehr gut dabei aus, weil der Beleuchter was von seinem Job versteht. Kommt vorbei und überzeugt euch selbst!


Jeden 1. Donnerstag

19:00 h open

20:00 h start


Created and hosted by professional perv Cameryn Moore, the Smut Slam features real-life, first-person sex stories, guest stories from our panel of celebrity judges, and also THE SMUTBUCKET, a convenient receptacle for all your anonymous questions and confessions! SMUT SLAMMERS sign up on the night to tell a 5-minute dirty story, based on their real lives, and a lucky eight to ten names will be drawn at random.


Smut Slam is queer-friendly, kink- AND vanilla-friendly, fat-friendly, sex worker-friendly, virgin-friendly, polyamory-friendly, we're really, really friendly. We welcome people with all types and amounts of sexual experiences. We DO NOT welcome stories involving racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other kind of discrimination, objectification, or fetishization. All stories must be CONSENSUAL.

Every third Monday

19:00 h open

20:00 h start



Lovelite Blues.

Blues Dance 

* Free Entry *

19:00 h open

21:00 Blues taster for newbies and refreshers by Sweet Blues Berlin

22:00 Party starts

2:00 Time to go home

Blues dancers in Berlin or wherever you might be! Let us lure you out of your hiding places for a bit of dancing. We want to see you all on the dancefloor at Lovelite again 

Pack your dancing shoes for a night of dancing to traditional and alternative blues as well as fusion. You’re wondering what kind of music that is? Check it out here: Loveliteblues DJ neon blues. You love blues but have no idea how to dance to it or need a refresher? Perfect! Come to our taster at 21:00! We'll give you a one hour introduction for free. In November, we had the unpleasure to have pickpockets there. Please be aware that there are not only dancers at Lovelite and take care for your valuables. You can put your most beloved stuff behind the DJ table.


B E D x
BEDx is a new night dedicated to current research, art, and education about topics in sex and sexuality. BEDx brings local and international researchers, artists, and educators to the stage for 10-minute presentations about their pet topics, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Audience members get ground-breaking information and useful knowledge, and a chance to talk about it with the people who really, really give a shit. Knowledge is power, sex knowledge is sexy power, and four presentations a night mean that you're getting a mini-sex con worth of knowledge at every BEDx!


Vortragsreihe (englisch)

19:00 h open

20:00 h start

Lovelite Quiz. Tolles Kneipenquiz, bei dem in Teams à maximal 6 Leuten um die Wette geraten wird. Es gibt 3 Quizrunden mit jeweils 12 Fragen, nach jeder Runde wird ausgewertet und der Rundensieger mit einer Runde auf´s Haus belohnt. Der Sieger des Abends wird am Ende ordentlich gefeiert!

Kneipen Quiz

Jeden letzten Dienstag und Donnerstag im Monat 


19:00 h 0pen

19:30 h start

Anmeldung : mail@quizfactoryberlin.de





PolyMeetUp Berlin

Das PolyMeetup Berlin ist ein monatliches Treffen für polyamor lebende & interesseierte Menschen in Berlin. Unter dem Motto: Zusammen sind wir weniger allein oder nichtmonogame Beziehungskonzepte.

 ohne Moderation und Voranmeldung

 i love my poly life

Jeden 1. Montag

19:00h open  

20:00h start